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We are Sun Company

Investing never was simpler

Wherever you are in the world with professional platform sun you can have a profitable and secure investment, And in addition to investing, build a network of investors, So that you can have an ideal income from networking in addition to making a profit from the investment. Read the rules and regulations before you start, because we work according to these rules, also check the income plan, because we will benefit you based on this plan.

Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

March 2022 Publish an investment platform with a 3-piece monetization plan and a simple advertising system.
April 2022 Update the investment system and add new features to the user panel and upgrade the advertising system.
May 2022 Replacing servers and upgrading them (starting work on the second revenue-generating plan).
June 2022 Unveiling of the independent Tether currency investment system with a binary income plan (first model).
September 2022 Extensive survey of users to upgrade systems and platforms.
November 2022 Bugging and upgrading website advertising system.
December 2022 Replacing servers and upgrading them.
January 2023 Working on a professional application for TRX Digital Currency First Investment System.
February 2023 Release of Native application of Tron Digital Currency ion Unilevel investment system.
March 2023 Improving the advertising system with the participation of users, such as installing applications, likes, followers ...
April 2023 Setting up a digital currency banking system with the ability to register borrowers and lenders.
May 2023 Unveiling of the sun token.
July 2023 Launching a user-centric exchange system with the ability to buy and sell services, a professional market based on digital currency for freelancers.
October 2023 Setting up a dedicated solar network and converting solar tokens into dedicated coins for exchange on a private network with a fee close to zero.
December 2023 Unveiling of investment system with binary plan and various investment packages.
April 2024 Setting up the Sun trading and exchange system with the most advanced trading systems that every professional trader needs.
July 2024 Increase the team, set up solar offices in different countries to provide face-to-face services.
October 2024 Program update, planning for the next 2 years.


An investment platform based on Tron digital currency that allows its users to invest and earn profits in a variety of ways.

We have fully explained this in the About Us section, click here for more information.

This is a question that definitely needs time to pass! Whatever we say here, you can not believe in the company of the sun until you start, but here everything is clear, how to be profitable, future plans and…

Welcome to a plan that benefits you in three ways: investing, introducing friends, and the reward pool we wrote about below.

It depends on how much you invest, but flexibly from 128 days to 150 days, which is only from your own investment sector without introducing people, we have to plan so that we can invest in foreign investments so that We can make your profit, so we need 128 days and this time is quite acceptable.

Yes, of course, but you must enter your email after registering from the account section.

This question depends on two things: the amount of capital you invest and the number of people you introduce.

Which reputable bank and company has Telegram Group? Only sites that have a telegram group that are telegram-oriented and want to create an atmosphere among their users or want to support their users from there, because their platform is not advanced enough to have a ticketing system, we do not want to slander other sites, Because this is not a professional job at all, everyone has their own wisdom, choose your company with open eyes.

Yes, of course, according to the rules, you can freely withdraw your capital at any time, click here to view the rules

The company's revenue plan is such that it does not harm the company, do not worry at all, the company's future plans are such that it can keep the company afloat forever, and this is something that will take time to prove.

Through advertising and investing in out-of-company businesses such as mobile commerce, agricultural products, automobiles, building construction, digital currency trading, etc., the company's board of directors is obliged to double their capital every two months.

A little higher in the top box of the Q&A program of the company is written hair to hair, along with the date, you can also read the program from the About Us tab at this address

All news is published from the blog section

As written in the rules section, if you try to hack, you will be blocked forever, if you insult the security experts with a ticket, you will be blocked for 3 months, your account will not be blocked, your IP will be blocked So you can not even register or log in with another account

Keep in mind that users' sending tickets may take up to 72 hours and this only depends on the length of the support queue, so if you have any questions, try to ask your referrer if you have any problems sending your ticket in any way. Do not update the answer again, because your ticket will be moved to the bottom of the support queue, after sending the ticket, wait for our experts to answer you

If you need more questions, you can ask the ticket section of your user panel