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About Sun Company

I want to introduce you to Sun Company, set out with the goal of offering a full-fledged business and network, in order to give a new shape to the whole investment.

Sun company employs several investors in various fields such as construction, mobile commerce, agricultural products trading, digital currency trading, car trading, animal husbandry, etc.

These are Sun company behind the scenes activities with investors' capital to offset their profits on the SunTron platform.

We started our work with a very long vision in this field and we want to share this program with you.

March 2022

Publish an investment platform with a 3-piece monetization plan and a simple advertising system

April 2022

Update the investment system and add new features to the user panel and upgrade the advertising system

May 2022

Replacing servers and upgrading them (starting work on the second revenue-generating plan)

June 2022

Unveiling of the independent Tether currency investment system with a binary income plan (first model)

July 2022

Publish a professional advertising system with the ability to earn money

September 2022

Extensive survey of users to upgrade systems and platforms

October 2022

Publish advertising system for other websites

November 2022

Bugging and upgrading website advertising system

December 2022

Replacing servers and upgrading them

January 2023

Working on a professional application for TRX Digital Currency First Investment System

February 2023

Release of Native application of Tron Digital Currency ion Unilevel investment system

March 2023

Improving the advertising system with the participation of users, such as installing applications, likes, followers ...

April 2023

Setting up a digital currency banking system with the ability to register borrowers and lenders

May 2023

Unveiling of the sun token

July 2023

Launching a user-centric exchange system with the ability to buy and sell services, a professional market based on digital currency for freelancers

October 2023

Setting up a dedicated solar network and converting solar tokens into dedicated coins for exchange on a private network with a fee close to zero

December 2023

Unveiling of investment system with binary plan and various investment packages

April 2024

Setting up the Sun trading and exchange system with the most advanced trading systems that every professional trader needs.

July 2024

Setting up the Sun trading and exchange system with the most advanced trading systems that every professional trader needs.

July 2024

Increase the team, set up solar offices in different countries to provide face-to-face services.

October 2024

Program update, planning for the next 2 years

As you can see, the Sun team has a long-term and very efficient program, the Theron network is active in most countries. We are currently based in China and Germany for this platform and are improving the stability of the systems.

The company does not need to be established in other countries at the beginning until we go ahead with the plan and offer new services.

The Sun team consists of network engineers, ideators, economists, professional programmers, young board and carbald.

Some of the team members are as follows:

Team members

Do not worry at all on this challenging path, because we have a young team with high intellectual power and skill in the company of the sun, this team is working together to make the path smoother to reach the peaks of success every day.

This is all about building a bright future, and more will definitely be added, this is where they can achieve financial freedom with the right attitude.

What is the support of the company?

We have several investors who are also members of the company, These people are investing to start this project, These investors are mature and knowledgeable business people, These people with the capital that investors invest in the Tron project and future projects, Every 3 months they have the opportunity to double the amount invested, In this way, investors and network builders make a profit, and the amount that remains after deducting investors' profits is used to develop the company, the salaries of employees and the board.

We are at the beginning of the road now, certainly after a few years of activity, we can support start-ups in this industry, Our attitude is to become a brand in the field of digital currency, so that when our logo and brand are placed on any website, people will trust that website.

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