Release of the first version of the TronSun platform

As you know, version 1 of TronSun platform has just been released. It is true that the TronSun platform looks simple, but it has advanced systems.Designed and written by the Sun Design and Programming Team, under the direction of Mr. Berhtwald.

Errors in the initial version are inevitable, the problems that have occurred so far are as follows:

  • Duplicate impressions for some users.
  • No inventory display.
  • Display anomalous number.
  • In the harvest section.
  • Display duplicate inventory.
  • Need to refresh the page to add inventory.
  • Confusion in hours and hit the download button.

Users who have a recurring impression that the system will automatically deduct extra withdrawals from your future earnings, your wallet is already negative, there is no way to withdraw withdrawals, all detailed transactions are saved , Also financial experts are currently monitoring transactions.

We consider a separate clock for each user as an investment start timer and for all users a daily clock for the daily ceiling and other systems, the TronSun platform of 4 separate scripts with more than 50,000 lines of code written As you know, in this vast level of programming, error is inevitable.

Please be patient until the errors are fixed