Terms and conditions of binary income plan with Tether currency

Sun Company has several platforms that we are launching and developing according to the plan, I want to acquaint you with Tether revenue plan and the rules of this platform.

Tether platform in Sun company works according to the rules set out on this page, if the user intends to join and use the services of Tether platform in Sun company, You need to read the full text of the rules, then sign up, Using the Tether Plan, applying for membership, entering and investing or advertising on the website, and using other services provided, means being aware of the contract and accepting its terms and conditions.

The user also agrees that the relationship between Sun and him will be settled by this contract and any financial and non-financial transactions between the parties will be covered by this contract, Therefore, if the materials of this contract or its entirety are not agreed by the user, he has no right to use the services of the sun.

These rules will be the only acceptable reference in the relationship between the sun and users in the plan. Due to the importance of the present document and also in order to facilitate the reading for the user, the contents of each article in the arranged sections have been provided for you.

Clause 1 Concepts:

Sun Company: A decentralized company with multiple platforms to monetize users with different revenue plans based on digital currency platforms located in Shanghai, China and Berlin, Germany, consists of a committed, skilled and professional team that is currently serving It is reasonable to deliver to different countries to deposit and improve the quality of life of people by receiving interest.

Investor: A person who is said to have accepted these rules in order to register on the Tethr platform, deposit a daily profit, and form a team to receive promotional commissions.

What is Tethr? Tether is a model of digital currency called the digital world dollar, Tether is currently the third most valuable currency in the world in terms of value, Tether is a stable digital currency which is also called stable currency.

Tether is the most widely used digital currency in the world, which has made it popular because Tether has a fixed price of $1.

User panel: It is a web-based office that the user can enter with his own username and password, all business information including investment operations and its amount, receiving and withdrawing profits, building a team and receiving commissions and all things It can be done in the user panel.

Ticket: It is a support service that experienced experts are ready to provide services to dear investors 24 hours a day, if you see any technical or financial problems in your user panel, you can send a ticket to the experts of Darmian Company. let the.

Position: The codes issued for each person are called status, each position is for one person

Balance: Each person's advertising or network team has two left and right, with the balance between these two commissions is released, for example, the total investment of the left must be $250 and the total investment of the right team should be $250 to free commission Be.

Right and left demand: In the binary plan in general we have the position (s) on the right and the position (s) on the left, with the balance between these two commissions is released for the user, for example if the right side of the person invests It is more than the left, it is called the right overvalue.

Blog: A fixed place that has useful content related to the site and Sun Company, inside the blog you can receive new company news very quickly. Sun Company's blog is written in various languages ​​by different authors. Because the Sun Company has a global presence, so much so that it can add this language.

Commission: The profit released from the team building, advertising and balance section is the same as commission

Income ceiling: Everyone in Sun Company can receive a certain amount of commission per day, which is called a certain amount of income ceiling.

Special Income Gifts: The rewards that the company has for its users, which we have fully explained below.

Special codes for you: In the team section, depending on the amount of your investment, there are 2 to 16 codes that are specific to you.

Clause 2 Rules related to entry and registration and special codes:

1. No user can register without an ID code

2. Your password should be a strong password to prevent profiteers from abusing it

3. You can not get a referral code for yourself until the investment is made

4. You can not build a team until the identifier is known.

5. If you register with an ID code, that code will be reserved for you, if other people book this ID code, any person who invests sooner will have the ID code registered for that person.

6. If a person loses his reserved code, he can enter another identifier code after investing in the team section.

7. You are not able to register with a duplicate username

8. You are unable to enter duplicate email or mobile number

9. People under 18 are not able to work, if identified, they must send parental consent for support, account department

10. Registration in the company means full acceptance of the rules and regulations set forth on this page

11. Or registration in Sun Company, the user declares that he has registered and invested with his own discretion and decision.

12. The user undertakes to provide only personal and current personal information and e-mail address to the company, because in case of forgetting the password and information, he can return it only through e-mail.

13. The user agrees with his best abilities to maintain and update the registration data in order to keep it current and complete.

14. The user undertakes to store all license data (password, username) in an environment that is not accessible to third parties, and to take all available measures to protect his personal data from unauthorized and malicious access. Gives

15. After passing the registration procedure, the user who has expressed his desire to participate in the company's investment process, becomes an "investor".

change Password:

1. Password change is done completely systematically through the password forgetting page, you must have registered your real email so that the system can send a verification code for your email.

2. If the person has not entered their email, only the direct identifier can send a ticket to register the user's email

3. If the password change system had a problem, send a message to the email introduced at the bottom of this page with the email registered in your user panel so that the password can be sent to you manually.

Confidentiality of information:

  1. The company adheres to the principles of anonymity and confidentiality of its customers' personal data.
  2. The company does not disclose any customer data to third parties that contain personal information, contact details as well as the fact of the partnership.
  3. The company guarantees that customer data will never, under any circumstances, be placed in a database used for spam by third parties.
  4. All customer data will only be used to improve the services we provide.

Clause 3 Investment:

  1. Each deposit is considered a private transaction between the company and the investor.
  2. All commitments are made in the personal account according to the selected investment amount.
  3. According to the cancellation rules, the investor has the right to withdraw his capital freely at any time and is no longer a Sun investor.
  4. The investor agrees to carefully review all the details of the deposit before making a deposit and to fully agree to all terms and conditions of the investment.
  5. The investor can not take back part of the capital, in order to withdraw he must cancel the contract altogether.
  6. The investor can freely upgrade his deposit plan at any time, this will benefit from the new plan.
  7. The interest on the deposit does not expire, the company is obliged to pay the daily  interest as long as the user's capital is at its disposal.

Investment plan:

This income plan is 3 pieces or 3 methods and works only with Tetra currency, Tether currency must be in TRC20 network

The first method of monetization:

In this method, you will receive a daily profit depending on the amount of your investment, which is clearly shown in the table below.

daily deposit interest:

Users' profits are automatically added to the user panel wallet for transfer every 30 days on the registration date.

  • No need to click a special button
  • daily interest and other benefits are all deposited into a wallet in the individual user panel in the settlement section.
  • There are no restrictions on withdrawing profits from this plan.
  • Each time you reach %100 of the capital of this plan, %10 is added to your capital as an investment gift
The amount of capitaldaily profit amount

In this table, there is a difference in the amount of investment.

In binary plans, deposit interest is usually not given to individuals, half of this interest is provided by the stick and the other half is provided by the company with various investments.

The second method is referral profit:

In this method, according to the choice of starting plan, the percentage of referral is different.

Anyone who registers with one of your codes and chooses a deposit plan, depending on the amount of your deposit, you will benefit from that person's deposit and receive a commission.

The amount of capitaldaily profit amountReferral profit amount

This plan has no income ceiling

Third plan, balance plan:

This plan is the main and most money-making plan of Sun Company in Tether plan, which includes %10 of your team's balance, in this plan, you can easily achieve a great income, the description of the balance plan is as follows.

First of all, you should know that each person can have up to 16 positions depending on the selected start plan. The seats are located on the left and right, for example, if a person chooses 2 positions, 1 person is on the left and one person is on the right.

If a person chooses 4 positions, 2 positions will be on the left and 2 positions on the right.

To reach balance, you have to invest $250 on the right side of your team and $250 on the left, there is no difference in the number of teams. It is the sum of left and right investments that determines your balance and income, no matter what plan. Get started, every $250 to $250 includes a $25 profit.

If his balance is between $500 and $500, your income from this team is $50

It goes up by the same factor of 250

ProfitEquilibrium coefficient

You balance receive 10% of the team.

There is a difference in the selection plan, which is the number of codes, when you have more codes, it will definitely be easier to balance. Which we will explain in the table below and below with an example.

The amount of capitaldaily profit amountReferral profit amountNumber of codes

Do not complicate this income plan at all; The whole scheme is summarized in the table above

A person with a higher position can experience more income and reach the income ceiling much sooner, because more position means faster team growth and higher coefficient progression, which has two main differences.

The first difference: a higher coefficient

The second difference: better balance

For example, a person who starts with 2 codes has the process of growing his team in 10 stages as follows


Now, a person who has 4 positions, the growth process of his team in 10 stages is as follows


This difference in the higher coefficient between the individual has 2 codes and is 4 codes, the more the number of your codes or branches in your level one, the faster your growth in terms of team and income will be.

The difference in the number of codes is the same in your equilibrium: so the more codes you have, the faster your revenue will grow.

After the release of the second plan, some codes will be published through the official Telegram channel, these codes are limited. After the completion of these codes, no other code will be published.

Users can use these codes to stick to the company.

Prizes without a lottery balance plan include the following:

Reaching this amount of incomeYou will win this award
$10001 Bitcoin Cash
$20001 BNB
$50001 BNB
$100001 Ethereum
$200001 Ethereum
$500002 Ethereum
$1000001 Bitcoin 

The daily income ceiling in this income plan (balance plan) is $ 1,000 per 24 hours

Important Rules and Answers to Monetization Plan Questions:

1. Every user can withdraw their capital freely according to the rules

2. The only currency supported in this digital currency plan is Tether

3.TRC20 network supported

4. It is not possible to register without an identifier code

5. Each identifier code can be registered for 1 person

6. Each user receives a certain number of codes according to the selected plan to start, which can be selected from 2 to 12 codes

7. Plans start from $50

8. If one side invests more, the reserve is left until the other side reaches that amount so that the user receives a commission.

9. All winnings are automatically added to your virtual wallet

10. The network fee is 1 tetra for each withdrawal

11. The user can upgrade his chosen design at any time

12. Start-up plans are intermittent, for example, if you deposit $900, the $500 plan will be activated until you deposit another 100 tether and reach the $1000 plan.

13. If you register with a code but do not invest and another person registers and invests with the same code, the code belongs to the person who invests earlier, the person who did not invest after investing from the team section. Can enter another identifier code.

For example, if 10 people register at the same time with an ID code, the ID code is for the person who invests earlier, the codes are reserved after registration and are registered after the investment.

14. The prizes related to the balance plan will be awarded through a ticket. Whenever you reach the limit of receiving the prizes, send a ticket with the title of receiving the prize.

15. After reaching the prize limit, you only have 48 hours to send a ticket, after which your prize will be canceled.

16. Prizes will be awarded without lottery

Contract between Sun and investors:

  1. This page is a contract between Sun Company in Tether platform and investors
  2. By registering, the user declares that he has accepted the rules
  3. The user does not have the right to use the systems if he does not accept the rules
  4. The user must use the real details to complete the profile and register, because if the contract is identified, it will be canceled unilaterally.
  5. No one can send a cancellation request to another user
  6. No user has the right to open two accounts and if both accounts are identified, they will be closed without prior notice
  7. This contract does not have a specific time and is automatically renewed every 12 months

Rules for sending tickets:

Ticket is a communication system between investors and experts of Sun Company, which has different departments to communicate with the relevant expert, the ticketing system is free and lifelong.

  1. The ticketing system is the most formal way to solve the problem and ask questions
  2. If you see any possible problems in your account, report it to the technical unit
  3. When sending the ticket, please describe the issue in full
  4. Sending insults, slander and iftar in the ticket will delete the account without prior notice
  5. The language of the ticket can be international or your own language
  6. Ticket response time varies from 2 hours to 72 hours due to the busy support queue
  7. If your problem is resolved before the expert answers, please put the status of the ticket on the package so that another expert does not check the ticket
  8. Experts only respond to tickets that are open
  9. After sending the ticket, please be patient until the relevant expert responds and refrain from sending repeated answers and emphasis.
  10. Please do not open multiple tickets for each topic
  11. Duplicate tickets will be deleted if you see multiple tickets with the same subject And only one ticket is answered
  12. Finally we are eager to see your messages. Let us know even the smallest issue

Laws related to cancellation of contract and return on investment:

Any user can request cancellation and return of capital at any time, keep in mind that investors' funds are invested abroad every 24 hours, after 3 months, the funds are transferred to the main account of the company with a profit.

  • In case of requesting the cancellation of the contract for less than 3 months, a 17% fine will be awarded, which will be deducted from the original money.
  • You will not be subject to a 17% penalty for more than 3 months
  • The return on your investment will be deducted from your investment
  • daily earnings will be deducted
  • After 6 months, the daily investment profit will not be deducted
  • The account will not be deleted after the withdrawal of capital
  • The account will be blocked after the withdrawal of capital

Change of contract and rules:

In order to stabilize the company, to add facilities, to add more revenue streams, this contract may change, the company is obliged to announce these changes to its users through official communication channels.