The future of the Sun Company

Dear Investors
In the company of the sun , we run programs that we can always serve you.

Sun Company is not a temporary website, please do not compare us with temporary sites.

Because we receive messages with this theme.

tronsun is just one of our projects, the main website and new URLs for new monetization projects will be unveiled soon.
Please do not trust any other address until we have published the address here

We started our project with Theron Digital Currency because it had the infrastructure. We know at the beginning of this activity,
We experience problems for at least 6 months. 
But we are solving problems because we are building a bright future.
After the first 6 months, we will have a growing trend, which attracts everyone's attention.

The problem is part of the growth of a business, 
as long as there are no problems,
there is no expansion، When faced with problems, some people accept and solve it, but others run away from it، We will solve the problems as we have solved them so far.

As the company's business leaders and partners, you have a responsibility to make sure your team understands this

And always keep them calm and forward.

The Sun Company will soon be global, this is our commitment to you and ourselves.

You have to believe us, sun company means you, without you there will be no sun