TronSun update to the second version

As we promised you in the home page program, our second program is to update the user panel, as well as the advertising system, which of course will be added by the end of April, the following are the updates.

  1. General style update Waiting for page info to change
  2. On the team page, you can see up to 3 levels as a tree, meaning that each of your levels 1 and 2 is visible.
  3. On the team page you can see which members of your team are active or not (active user is a user who has invested at least 100 tron) This item has been added for your management on the bonus pool
  4. You can see the registration date of your team
  5. Added a copy button to the box to get a dedicated link
  6. Added show balance on pony page
  7. Added withdrawal status to withdrawal list
  8. Added txid traffic in the list of withdrawal transactions
  9. View a complete and accurate list of earnings from investment, multilevel and reward pool
  10. Added investment start time display
  11. Added a countdown timer to reach the next clock
  12. Move the display of the full amount of investment from the investment box to the investment page section
  13. Complete change of the reward pool box, so far the reward pool box has displayed your level one, two and 3 multi-level revenue sets
  14. Confirm and display the achievement of different levels in the reward pool (you will fully understand what level of the reward pool you are)
  15. Added daily income ceiling timer to China time to the bonus pool box
  16. Added daily income ceiling timer to the multi-level box
  17. Withdrawals are no longer instantaneous, once every 1 minute, so wait a maximum of 1 minute after each withdrawal request.
  18. A limitation has been added for the security of user accounts, so that you can log in to your user panel from only one device, if you log in with a new device, your old device will automatically exit.

Important: Until now, the TronSun Reward Pool, as a reward for the first members of the system, did not have a limit of 100 Tron for active users, meaning that everyone in his team had more than 75 people. We only put in the first few days as a reward to give back the trust of the first people, from now on you in the reward pool box the number of active people you see are people who have invested at least 100 tron.

So if in the main dashboard monetization transactions, the bonus pool section has benefited you for this reason.

Dear users, after this update, many issues of these 4 days after the release have been resolved. If you encounter any problems or issues, please be sure to send a ticket, so that it can be reviewed and resolved immediately.